Improving Oral and Written Feedback in Teaching Writing

Katarzyna Płachta

Rarely does marking papers serves its purpose. It seems as if the effort put into all the colouring, underlining and coding falls through due to the fact that students simply do not know what to really focus on in the process of deciphering the message from the teacher. The number of students in the group or the fact that we deal with mixed-ability class may contribute to various difficulties in providing efficient feedback that is meant to facilitate our students writing. Therefore, the question that arises is what we teachers should actually do in order to make the process of giving information back to students meet its purpose.

The main aim of the workshop is to provide participants with an idea of what works and what does not when it comes to communicating our ideas to students, what can be done in order to improve the aforementioned process and, finally, to help the participants gain hands-on experience through performing various tasks associated with marking sample papers. The key point for the activities to be performed during the workshop is to help participants see what students actually would like their teachers to do when guiding them through the process of learning writing. Not only is the workshop supposed to allow the participants to gain knowledge in regard to more effective marking process but it will also convey a message from students as to what they expect to read and see on their written work.